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No, you won't find a dragon in the 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', but you'll surely find a lot of other things in the beautiful country called Bhutan. For starters, you HAVE to visit one of its beautiful districts named 'Trongsa' which will absolutely calm your senses and blow your mind with its tranquility once you reach there! Populated with hardly 3,000 people, Trongsa is a small town in the 'happiest country' and is also its regional capital. Thimpu (Bhutan's capital) is about 192.3 km away from here.


Known as 'Tongsa' earlier, Trongsa is a small town in Bhutan, and it is also the capital of the Trongsa district in Central Bhutan. In Dzongkha language that is widely spoken in Bhutan, the name literally means 'new village'. Trongsa is also famously known as the Vanguard of the Warriors. This is because it is strategically located near the heart of Bhutan and it was easier for the rulers to control their kingdom from here. Did you know the Royal family has their ancestral home in Trongsa? Oh yes! 
How to reach 

If you're taking a flight, the nearest airport would be the Paro International Airport in Bhutan. From there you can easily catch a bus or a cab till Trongsa. A number of buses run till Thimpu and are connected to Trongsa at the same time. Trongsa is just 6 hours away from Thimpu. In case you love driving, you can reach Trongsa via Wangdue and Gangtey/Phobjika where you'll be surely moved by the scenic beauty and cool atmosphere. You can also hire a cab from Siliguri (West Bengal) to Trongsa directly, but this might be a little expensive. 

Best time to visit 

Generally, you will find that the atmosphere in Trongsa is mostly warm, a little mild and temperate. The best time to visit this town would be between the months of December and February because the weather is suited for outdoor fun and activities. In addition, December is also the time when the people celebrate their 3 days' annual festival 'Tshechu'! A feast for your eyes!  
You can also visit in the months of March and October as the weather is pleasant, and the airfares and hotel rates are way cheaper than in the peak month, that is 'DEC'! 
Post-June and pre-October, it’s mostly rainy season in Trongsa and hence it isn't a good idea to visit in those months! 
Clothes to be carried 

If you're traveling in summer, carry light woolens. Shoes with soft soles are recommended to be worn during such a time. On the contrary, heavy woolens and jackets should be carried during winters. Because the weather can get a little unpredictable, it is always advisable to layer your clothes.

Places to visit in Trongsa 

  • Trongsa Dzong: This is the most massive dzong in the country and is located in its center at Trongsa. The Dzong overlooks Mangda river's gorge and it was a temple built in 1543 on a spur! Later on, in 1647, Shabdrung replaced the temple by building a Dzong. It had suffered damages during the Assam earthquake in 1897 and has thereafter been renovated in 1927 and 1999. The Dzong is a very crucial administrative building and serves as the headquarter of the Trongsa District's Government. It houses close to 200 monks in its monastic complex is vast! It also has a printing house that prints various religious texts.

  • Chendebji Chorten: Similar to the style of Nepal's Bodhanath Chorten, Chendebji was built by Tshering Wangchuk in the 18th century. The intent of constructing it was to conquer demons and evil spirits. Some historians believe the evil spirit was in the form of a gigantic snake! The Chorten is roundish in shape and has eyes painted on its sides. Beside the main Chorten, you will also find a huge prayer wall. 

  • Semji Village: Located approximately 7 km away from Trongsa, this ancient village is an ideal place for bird watching! If the weather is perfect, and you're ready to hike through the dense forests of the village, you are sure to see a number of different kinds of bird species.  

  • Thruepang Palace: This is nothing but a simple yet beautiful two-storied palace where the Late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck was born in 1928. It has a front courtyard which takes you closer to nature with its greenery! Inside the palace, you will also find traditional paintings which are not only magnificent but they also have artistic value. 



If you want a break from the humdrum affairs of life, go on, pack your bags and leave for this beautiful town in Bhutan called Trongsa for a couple of days. It will surely rejuvenate your mind and body with its serenity and tranquility!


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